Passive Solar Design: Making the Most of Nature’s Energy

Passive solar design is foundational to the way we approach home building. In a city like Santa Fe, passive solar design can have a massive impact on the efficiency and sustainability of your home. How does Palo Santo Designs incorporate passive solar design into its homes? Keep reading to find out more about how we [...]

Palo Santo Designs on Parade

With the 2016 Olympic Games still in full swing, it’s worth remembering the idea that athletes compete at their best when they’re performing in an arena that includes the most skilled opponents. At Palo Santo Designs, we are proud to be among a community that represents some of the nation’s most talented architects, designers and [...]

What is the LEED Program for Home Building?

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is creating a whole new generation of homes across America. Discover how LEED is inspiring homebuilders – and benefiting homeowners – across Santa Fe, New Mexico. What is LEED? The LEED program is a third-party verification system for green homes. When a building is LEED-certified, it means [...]

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9 Things to Know About Settling in Santa Fe

Are you moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico? There’s a reason they call us “The City Different”: life’s a little different here. Maybe it’s the high altitude or the rich cultural heritage. Or maybe it’s just the jaw-dropping scenery around our city. Whatever it is that makes Santa Fe different, we’re truly living in the [...]

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