Santa Fe Modern Farmhouse

Carefully designed by the in-house architecture and design team at Palo Santo Designs, this modern farmhouse exemplifies the elegance and simplicity of ‘clean lines’ minimalism, while incorporating many of the best aspects of the traditional pitched roof northern New Mexico compound.   It simultaneously communicates the classical architecture of sacred geometry and the proportion of the golden mean.

A renaissance home.  It not only utilizes nature’s classical proportions within its layout and elevations, it also showcases the best craftsmanship Santa Fe has to offer with hard troweled plaster walls, and artisanal applications of stone, tile, steel, and wood throughout.  Designed and occupied by Palo Santo Designs’ Principals, Mark & Leslie Giorgetti with their two young children, the house exemplifies the fusion of living functionality for a family, high architectural design and exceptional craftsmanship.

The panoramic views of the Jemez, Sangre, Ortiz, and Sandia ranges offer every room an exciting vignette of our dramatic mountain skyscape.  The cathedral-like great room, with exposed timber trusses, accommodates kitchen, dining and living in an open floor plan, aligned to the central fireplace hearth.  The room opens out to both the East and West with sweeping portals that soak the occupants and guests with breathtaking views.  Carefully planned spaces take every view opportunity, room by room, to allow the outdoor and indoor to fuse into a seamless display of beauty.

The manor-like facades are embraced by courtyard walls that shelter gardens and orchards, while providing privacy for the detached guesthouse.  The outer landscaped areas provide sanctuary for grapevines, native grass meadows, wildflowers, and the ubiquitous chicken coop and beehive.  Food production in the form of fruits, eggs, vegetables, honey, and herbs is a central function of the landscaping while also providing shade and a cool microclimate around the home for comfort and relaxation within the aesthetic design.  The gardens and trees are carefully watered with recycled greywater and rainwater catchment.

The home takes sustainability to the highest level with LEED Platinum certification pending, utilizing solar photovoltaics, energy efficiency, and rainwater reuse for both irrigation and toilet flushing.    With its super-insulated shell, passive solar design, LED lighting, in-floor radiant heat, and pumice-crete walls, this is not your typical Santa Fe luxury home.  This one of a kind work of art has combined reverence for nature, architecture and craftmanship into a masterpiece, which will provide its soul-enriching lifestyle benefits for generations to come.

 This newly completed Santa Fe Modern Farmhouse to be featured in the 2020 Haciendas, A Parade of Homes.  Learn more here. or contact us here.

Best sustainable homes in Santa Fe

The best sustainable homes are in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Hear Mark Giorgetti discuss the best techniques, materials and methods for the design and construction of sustainable homes in Santa Fe New Mexico, and the world.   On KTRC Talk 1260 and radio podcast “Build Together” with Miles Conway of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders’ Association

Click Here to Listen

Miles Conway introduces Mark Giorgetti, Principal and Founder of Palo Santo Designs.  Palo Santo Designs is a construction and architecture firm based in Santa Fe New Mexico for the last 20 years, specializing in the design-build approach to contemporary high end custom homes that incorporate numerous sustainability features.  Mark discusses how he got his start by working in the solar industry and studying environmental science.  And his discoveries that buildings offer a uniquely attainable way to achieve important environmental improvements by reducing energy consumption, water consumption, waste.   When designed and built right, sustainable homes provide humans with protection from increasing environmental hazards related to climate, while also offering us all an opportunity for peace, joy and recuperation from the stresses of modern life.  Architecture plays such a critical role in the well being of the human race and the construction methods we use also play a critical role in the greater environmental health of our regions and our globe.

Mark also discusses his experiences traveling in other parts of the world and his observations regarding how people dwell in less advantaged places.  He goes on to describe how, when he worked for the United Nations on a global research project he was able to identify an important nexus between indigenous natural building methods like adobe and other social and environmental benefits.  Indigenous building materials and methods are often cost effective, can provide resilience from extreme weather events such as extreme heat, and can also serve to mitigate the causes of global climate change by reducing the embodied energy in the building materials we use and improving energy efficiency.

Palo Santo Designs has focused on how to bring these alternative building systems into the mainstream by producing architecturally beautiful modern homes with all the amenities expected by high end consumers that also utilize sustainable, low embodied energy materials that provide energy efficiency, water efficiency, comfort and afford us all some grace in an otherwise complicated world.

For more information contact us here! 

The Best Contemporary Home Builder in New Mexico

Award winning design-build firm Palo Santo Designs is proud to announce it has been named one of the Best Contemporary Home Builders in the US, taking the New Mexico slot!  We appreciate all the support in our efforts to create state of the art modern and sustainable homes in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and look forward to our next round of contemporary homes.  Our skilled team of licensed and experienced architects and builders excel at the design and construction of high end contemporary custom homes.   Palo Santo Homes are both stunningly beautiful and highly sustainable providing state of the art comforts for solar power, water efficiency, energy efficiency and a lifestyle in tune with the natural beauty so abundant in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

Our designs are defined by clean lines, light, space and an understated elegance which is central to contemporary home design today.

Our approach to design and construction of the best contemporary homes in New Mexico is rooted in a few simple ideals.  1.  We listen to our clients and guide them to the outcomes they want and deserve. Most of our projects have award winning results, and we never cut corners on the best practices, fit or finish. 2. We apply our decades of expertise in construction and architecture to validate costs in real time so that our customers know what to expect in terms of the financial implications of their choices, this keeps everyone happy and leads to successful outcomes.  3.  We communicate.  We always keep our customers up to speed on the ins and outs of the project, when the unexpected arises we address it head on with clarity, honesty and expert advisement.

Our passions reside in the creation of beautiful architectural spaces which are clean, open, inviting and restful.  We thrive on the collaboration in artistic expression with our customers in the creation of one of a kind custom homes and apply our knowledge and expertise to make the resulting home, durable, functional, efficient and elegant.

Thank you to Home Builder Digest for the recognition and support in naming us the Best Contemporary Home Builder in New Mexico!

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