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Palo Santo Designs approach to construction is based on the simple premise that best quality results are achieved in an environment of mutual trust, creativity and open communication. When trust and communication are elevated, great creativity arises. When offered the opportunity to demonstrate their creative talents, crafts people will deliver their best. We work with a thoroughly vetted set of trusted artisans and trade partners, who exemplify this spirit. We have long standing relationships with the vendors and subcontractors who will be working on your project, because they have reliably delivered excellence in service, professionalism and quality craftsmanship to our customers.

Furthermore, our professional construction managers will be carefully overseeing the work on your behalf, coordinating schedules, budgets and key deliverable to optimize results. And if unforeseen outcomes arise, our team will always remain diligent to resolving those issues in the most effective and professional manner possible with your best interest at heart.

A home builder is working on the floor of a house.
An architect is standing on a ladder in front of a house.

Palo Santo Designs will conduct regular on site meetings with you every other week to review progress, discuss decisions, and have trade partners available for conversation.

We will prepare for you a detailed project budget with all owner selections included. We will also provide a project timeline with clearly defined milestones and a completion date upon which we can measure progress, discuss changes and adapt to any unforeseen delays in a proactive way.

The construction process is inherently challenging, and a massive effort of will is required to manifest a one-of-a-kind unique custom home, a piece of art, built onsite, in the outdoors. The process is affected by thousands of variables including weather, supply chain, labor and many other factors. When you hire Palo Santo Designs you hire a professional and competent team, experienced in the proper management of complicated projects. A team who is confident and comfortable in this capacity because of their extraordinary commitment to excellence, clarity, honesty, and a willingness to continually improve.

Our team is
committed to
excellence, clarity,
honesty, and a
willingness to
continually improve.

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