We believe in the integrated design model which assures the most efficient delivery of a quality design that is value engineered, optimized for environmental performance and ideally suited to the unique needs of each client.  We are experienced in the delivery of comprehensive construction documents for pricing, permitting and construction.  And our collaborative approach to design assures the project owners on-going opportunities to express their needs, have the plans modified to suit those needs and bring all key players to the table early on. We work closely with engineers, energy modelers, interior designers, landscape Architects, product manufacturers and sub-contractors to assure best practices are addressed during the design development and pricing stages.


Because we are both designer and builder, our plans are clear and optimized to the known needs of our construction team.  Nothing is lost in translation from architect to builder and efficiency is attained in the process.  We are able to design with the full knowledge of true construction costs and therefore value engineer methods and materials to suit the budget needs of our clients.

View Pre-Design Budget Exercise

An Outline of Our Design-Build Approach for Custom Santa Fe Homes:

  • Architectural design of a home tailored to your needs, wishes and budget.
  • Coordination with our team of designers and other professional services including surveying, soils testing, structural engineering, storm-water management, energy modeling and landscape architecture.
  • Establishment of a construction budget, and submittal of Permit Plans
  • Assistance with Bank Loan submittal requirements and appraisal
  • Guided selection of finishes and fixtures
  • A clear and concise construction contract with timeline for completion
  • Construction of your dream home begins

The design process may vary in time needed, depending on the complexity of the site, the style of house desired, and the to what extent you know the design you want. The home design and conception is one of the most crucial steps in the entire process because it sets the tone for every step of construction and finalization of the home.

During our home design process, you’ll learn about the design and construction costs required for your specific build. You’ll be able to adjust items based on your needs. You will select the finishes and fixtures you want to make your home truly unique. We’ll also discuss energy efficient strategies, and other sustainability features.

Our trusted team of professional engineers, designers and consultants steward our “best practices” approach assuring quality assurance with each and every design. We do this because our goal is to provide not only a quality home, but a home built durably and designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. This is why we work with the best in Santa Fe to achieve quality service that guarantees a wonderful home.

Our Design Build Approach

What About Pricing for a Custom Santa Fe Home?

We know price is certainly a concern when it comes to budgeting appropriately for the lot, build, fixtures, and features of your dream home. This is why the design process begins with construction budget planning.  We have real time knowledge of construction costs in the field and use that knowledge to guide the design process towards your budget goals.  Our Pre-Design Budget Exercise is a reliable guide to get the planning underway.  Contact us for a copy of our Pre-Design Budget Exercise..  Once the preliminary plan is completed, a detailed construction budget forecast will be generated, giving you realistic cost forecasting to within 10% plus or minus of the likely final contract amount.  This key check point, early in the design process, assures the house being designed is one you will be able to finance and make a reality.  The plans will then be run by our engineers and finalized for building permit submittal.    Once engineered and specified we will then produce a detailed construction budget for contract.

People often ask us “How much does a home cost to build in Santa Fe?”  Construction Costs vary because there are considerable variables when building a one of a kind custom home on your selected lot.   Our Pre-design Budget Exercise is the best way to get a clear picture of the typical range of custom Home construction in Santa Fe

Building Sustainable, Custom Homes in Santa Fe:

We pride ourselves in providing high quality, sustainable homes in our area. With each custom build, we tailor the energy efficient and sustainable features based on your desires. We often work within the specifications of the USGBC LEED for Homes program. We have completed many LEED certified Homes in Santa Fe, including at the highest level of LEED Platinum.

You can read more about the LEED Platinum home here and also read more about our green home building in Santa fe here.