Palo Santo Designs Named One of the Best Custom Home Builders
September 24, 2019
A Santa Fe-inspired kitchen with wooden cabinets and stainless steel appliances, expertly designed by a home designer.

It’s always an honor to be mentioned for our efforts and successful projects. Recently, we’ve been named one of the best custom home builders in New Mexico by the Home Builder Digest. We’re thankful to be chosen as one of the best and we always strive to provide the very best in custom home design […]

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How Modern Architecture is Mixing with the Traditional Architecture in Santa Fe
August 26, 2019
A rendering of a Santa Fe style adobe home in Arizona.

Modern architecture refers to an overarching movement and design that emerged in the Western world at the turn of the 20th century.  This architectural style was popular for universities, government buildings, and residential homes.  Modern architecture brought about: Clean lines  Plenty of glass for natural light  Broad roof overhangs  Well-defined, rectangular forms Modern materials and […]

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Santa Fe Architect Spotlight – Jon Stern
May 24, 2019
A modern Santa Fe-inspired house sitting on top of a hill, built by a skilled home builder and contractor.

Jon Stern is the Lead Architect at Palo Santo Designs in Santa Fe. We sat down with him to learn more about what inspired him to become an architect, why he enjoys architecture, what’s his favorite part of helping clients, and what makes Santa Fe architecture so unique. What Inspired You To Become an Architect? […]

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Palo Santo Designs Moves Into the Siler Rufina District of Santa Fe
April 14, 2019
A Santa Fe-inspired red building with a blue sky in the background.

We’re proud to announce that we just moved into the Siler Rufina district in Santa Fe. Not only did we move into this area, we moved into one of our own, brand-new commercial developments at 1300 Rufina Circle. The development is an iconic space in a former industrial district of town that is currently getting […]

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Why You Should Hire A Santa Fe Home Builder & Architect Together
February 8, 2019
A modern home designed by an architect in Santa Fe, complete with a spacious driveway and garage.

If you’re researching to build a home in Santa Fe and are wondering how to start and what’s involved in the process, then we want to provide some insight here. Building a custom home isn’t a small project and we don’t want it be a poor experience for you, which is why we want you […]

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Featured in the SantaFean for Our Minimalist Design and Craftsmanship
December 20, 2018
A magazine spread showcasing a contemporary home designed by a home designer.

Read our feature in the SantaFean Dec. 2018 – Jan. 2019 edition: Here’s an excerpt of the story written by Amy Gross: Though he declined to attend the Santa Fe Parade of Homes awards gala last August, Stelio Kitrilakis told the team that designed and built this house to text him if they won anything. […]

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Passive Solar Design: Making the Most of Nature’s Energy
December 21, 2016
An architect's solar panel installation in front of a Santa Fe house.

Passive solar design is foundational to the way we approach home building. In a city like Santa Fe, passive solar design can have a massive impact on the efficiency and sustainability of your home. How does Palo Santo Designs incorporate passive solar design into its homes? Keep reading to find out more about how we […]

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Palo Santo Designs on Parade
August 18, 2016
A meticulously crafted adobe house with a beautifully designed wooden door, created by a talented home designer.

With the 2016 Olympic Games still in full swing, it’s worth remembering the idea that athletes compete at their best when they’re performing in an arena that includes the most skilled opponents. At Palo Santo Designs, we are proud to be among a community that represents some of the nation’s most talented architects, designers and […]

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New to Santa Fe? Here Are 7 Great Things To Do
August 10, 2016
An aerial view of the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico featuring stunning architectural designs and vibrant homes.

Santa Fe is filled with exciting things to do. Did you just move to town? Are you visiting for the weekend? Today, we’re highlighting 7 great things to do when you’re new to Santa Fe, New Mexico. 1) Soak Up Culture on Canyon Road For most Santa Fe visitors, Canyon Road is the first and […]

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What is the LEED Program for Home Building?
August 4, 2016
Two pictures of a Santa Fe garage with two doors.

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is creating a whole new generation of homes across America. Discover how LEED is inspiring homebuilders – and benefiting homeowners – across Santa Fe, New Mexico. What is LEED? The LEED program is a third-party verification system for green homes. When a building is LEED-certified, it means […]

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Radiating Energy Efficiency in Our Santa Fe Homes
July 18, 2016
A modern kitchen with a center island and stools designed by a Santa Fe architect.

At Palo Santo Designs, we pride ourselves on designing some of the greenest, most efficient and luxurious homes in Santa Fe. That’s why we often incorporate in-slab radiant heating and cooling systems into so many of our projects. A study by the New Buildings Institute found nearly half of the nation’s commercial net-zero energy buildings – […]

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The WERS Rating and How It’s Helping Our Homes Save Water
July 11, 2016
A Santa Fe kitchen in a tiny house with wooden cabinets built by a contractor.

A group of green home builders in New Mexico recently created the WERS rating, a water conservation standard designed to help homes save water. What is the WERS rating and what does it mean for homebuyers? Let’s take a closer look. What is the WERS Rating? WERS stands for Water Efficiency Rating Score. It’s a […]

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