Palo Santo Designs Moves Into the Siler Rufina District of Santa Fe

We’re proud to announce that we just moved into the Siler Rufina district in Santa Fe.

Not only did we move into this area, we moved into one of our own, brand-new commercial developments at 1300 Rufina Circle.

The development is an iconic space in a former industrial district of town that is currently getting a lot of buzz, including the popular Meow Wolf attraction, just around the corner from our new offices.

We’re proud of this Rufina development because it provides working space and offices for local artists and small businesses. And not only space, it provides ownership.  

These local entrepreneurs actually own their space within the Rufina development. How terrific is that?

Instead of renting, we’re able to give these hard working people something to own and a place to further cultivate their craft.

The development was a total success and sold out before each phase was completed, both in 2017 and 2018.

In many ways, we created a market where one didn’t exist. An office condo space with this architecture and amenities did not exist in the Siler Rufina district, so we brought it to the area at one of the best times.

Also, we were able to deliver this great Rufina development because of tax benefits offered to owners, enhanced by federal opportunity zones in Santa Fe. This development is within one of the only opportunity zones in Santa Fe, which brings tax benefits to all owners of the property.

Want to know more about these federal opportunity zones?

We’ll tell you more in our next blog post and give you a highlight of another upcoming development.

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