Modern Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse exemplifies the elegance and simplicity of ‘clean lines’ minimalism, while incorporating many of the best aspects of the traditional pitched roof northern New Mexico compound. It simultaneously communicates the classical architecture of sacred geometry and the proportion of the golden mean.

A renaissance home. It not only utilizes nature’s classical proportions within its layout and elevations, it also showcases the best craftsmanship Santa Fe has to offer with hard troweled plaster walls, and artisanal applications of stone, tile, steel, and wood throughout. Designed and built by Palo Santo Designs’ integrated Design-Build team, the house exemplifies the fusion of living functionality for a family, high architectural design, and exceptional craftsmanship.

The home takes sustainability to the highest level with the USGBC’s LEED for Homes Platinum certification, utilizing solar photovoltaics, energy efficiency, and rainwater reuse for irrigation. With its super-insulated shell, passive solar design, LED lighting, in-floor radiant heat, and pumice-crete walls, this is not your typical Santa Fe luxury home. This one-of-a-kind work of art has combined reverence for nature, architecture and craftmanship into a masterpiece, which will provide its soul-enriching lifestyle benefits for generations to come.

Photo credit: Daniel Nadelbach Photography
An architect's aerial view of a house in the mountains near Santa Fe.
An architecturally designed house in the Santa Fe desert.
A contractor-designed hallway featuring an architect-inspired staircase and an elegant vase of flowers.
A Santa Fe bathroom with blue cabinets and a rug.
A bed in a room with a sliding glass door designed by a home designer.
A Santa Fe inspired bedroom with a bed and a rug, designed by an architect.
An architect or home designer may include a glass shower stall in the design of a bathroom.
A home designer in Santa Fe created a beautiful white house, perfectly situated with mountains in the background.
A kitchen sink with a black faucet and a gold tray designed by an architect.
A bathtub with a faucet and a shower head designed by an architect.
A bathroom with a bathtub and a painting on the wall, designed by a home designer or architect.
A beautiful Santa Fe-themed bathroom sink adorned with flowers and complemented by a mirror, expertly designed by a skilled home designer or contractor.
A living room with hardwood floors and a ceiling fan, designed by a home designer.
A home with a wooden porch and a metal railing, constructed by a skilled contractor.
A Santa Fe inspired kitchen with a spiral staircase.
A white house with a driveway in the desert designed by an architect in Santa Fe.
A Santa Fe style bathroom with two sinks and a tub.
A bedroom designed by an architect, complete with a comfortable bed and a stylish lamp.
A spacious living room with a sleek dining table and comfortable chairs, expertly designed by a Santa Fe home designer.
A Santa Fe kitchen with a wooden ceiling, built by a home builder contractor.
A contractor captures the beauty of a sunset over a mountain range while working on a construction project.
A patio designed and built by a home designer with a table and chairs.
A Santa Fe-style home beautifully lit up at night.
The Santa Fe house is lit up at night.
A house in the middle of a field at dusk, designed and built by a home designer.
A Santa Fe-inspired house peacefully situated in the middle of a field, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of an architect and home builder.
         A house with a patio designed by an architect at night.
A house at dusk expertly designed by an architect, featuring a cozy fire pit in the yard.
A beautiful house at night, designed by a skilled home designer and constructed by an experienced contractor.
A view of the mountains at dusk, designed by an architect in Santa Fe.
A Santa Fe home builder constructing houses under a beautiful blue sky.
A Santa Fe inspired pathway leading to a house at night, designed by an architect.
The architect-designed house in Santa Fe is beautifully lit up at night.
A Santa Fe-inspired white house with a blue sky.
        Description: A architect-designed home in Santa Fe, illuminated by the full moon at night.
A home builder expertly constructs a house in the middle of a field at night.
An architect's aerial view of a house in the desert.
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