Hilltop Contemporary

This unique hilltop home outside of Santa Fe, NM was conceived by the talented and Emmy Award Winning owner, who contracted the Palo Santo Designs integrated design-build team to bring his concept to fruition.  Small yet grand, simple and elegant, the home is oriented specifically to capture 2 separate and equally stunning mountain views while also creating a warm and inviting atmosphere tailor made to the owners work at home lifestyle.  It capture light and shadow, while providing that seamless indoor-outdoor experience so relevant in the Santa Fe Lifestyle.

Photo credit: Daniel Nadelbach Photography
A bathroom with a sink and a mirror created by a home builder.
A bird gracefully soars over a lush forest.
A Santa Fe contractor flying over a forest.
A Santa Fe inspired bathroom with a shower and a toilet.
A modern home designed by a home designer with a driveway and a garage, located in Santa Fe.
An architecturally stunning house with a panoramic view of the mountains.
A Santa Fe-inspired home with a patio and chairs.
A Santa Fe home with a patio and a grassy area.
A Santa Fe style living room with a fireplace and sliding glass doors.
A modern kitchen with a cowhide rug, designed by a Santa Fe home designer.
A Santa Fe-inspired living room with a fireplace and TV, designed by an architect.
As a home builder, architect, or contractor, you can create a modern living room that features a large window.
A bed in a room with a fan designed by an architect.
A home builder with a bathroom featuring a bathtub and a window.
A Santa Fe-style bathroom with a large window and a white tub.
A bathroom with a sink, mirror, and towel rack designed by an architect.
A bedroom designed by an architect with a comfortable bed and a fan, created by the home builder or contractor.
A modern home designed and built by a home designer and contractor sits in the middle of the desert.
A Santa Fe-style modern home in the desert, gracefully designed by an architect.
A modern architect's masterpiece, this stunning desert home showcases a unique touch with its striking green roof.
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