Clark Residence

This home represents the state of the art in ultra sustainable design.  It is a USGB LEED Platinum certified home that was designed and built by the integrated Palo Santo team.  The design is based on the principles that small is beautiful and passive systems are superior to active systems for long term sustainability.  It is a passive solar designed home which incorporates as many low embodied energy building materials and methods as possible.  These include adobe,  pumice-crete ®, earthen floors, and earthen plasters,  all of which use local and environmentally preferrable raw materials, with minimal energy inputs for production, transportation or long term maintenance.

Photo credit: Kate Russell Photography
A train station designed by an architect with a cloudy sky.
A Santa Fe home with solar panels on the roof accurately showcases the skills of an architect and home builder.
A Santa Fe contractor building a red house with a window at sunset.
A green door next to a metal water tank designed by a home designer.
A Santa Fe home builder designed a house with solar panels on the roof.
A train station with a cloudy sky and train tracks, designed by an architect.
A close up of a metal pipe on a Santa Fe wooden roof.
A barn door with a light on it designed by an architect.
A green barn door with two metal handles designed by a home designer.
A contractor installs a light on a metal wall.
A little girl is standing next to a Santa Fe water tank.
A little girl standing in front of a home builder's green barn door.
A child is standing outside of a Santa Fe building.
A home designer and contractor built a house with a green roof.
A desert home contractor.
A contractor-designed small house in the desert.
A metal water tank sits outside of a Santa Fe house.
A clock on a wall in a Santa Fe home.
A Santa Fe-inspired light fixture on the side of a house.
A wall-mounted lamp enhances the ambiance of a house.
A Santa Fe-inspired wooden box on a wall with a light on it.
A red and brown building with a pipe on the side of it, designed by a home designer.
An architect's view of the roof of a building.
A solar panel in front of a house, designed and implemented by a home designer or architect.
A Santa Fe home builder designed a house with solar panels on the roof.
A small shed with Santa Fe-style green shutters and a water tank.
A living room with a fireplace, designed by an architect.
A man doing a handstand in a Santa Fe-inspired room.
The ceiling of the room, designed by a home designer, is made of wood.
A bathroom designed by a home designer in Santa Fe, featuring a sink and a mirror.
A Santa Fe-style laundry room with a ladder leading to a washer and dryer.
A Santa Fe home builder is standing on a bed in a bedroom.
A room with a red chair and a brick wall, designed by an architect.
A wooden ceiling in a Santa Fe kitchen.
A kitchen counter with stools and a contractor.
A Santa Fe-inspired living room with a couch and a coffee table, carefully curated by a home designer for utmost comfort and style.
A small house featuring a kitchen, living room, and dining room, expertly designed and constructed by an architect.
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