Anderson Residence

This 2800 square foot passive solar, high-performance home was designed by Architect Alfred Von-Bachmayer. We are honored to construct this home in Alfred’s memory, as he unexpectedly passed away just as the home construction commenced. Alfred was a pioneer in in the design and development of countless projects the desert southwest in the name of conservation and sustainability. The team at Palo Santo Designs worked intimately with Alfred and the owners in a collaborative effort to value engineer and make this home’s construction possible.

The home is certified at the Gold Level under the State of New Mexico’s ‘Build Green New Mexico’, (BGNM) certification process for its exemplary performance in green building techniques.

Photo credit: Kate Russell Photography
A wooden deck with a pergola designed and built by an architect.
A white kitchen with wooden beams, designed by a Santa Fe home designer.
A Santa Fe-inspired living room and dining room with a sliding barn door, designed by a home designer and built by a contractor.
A kitchen designed by an architect, featuring a table and chairs.
A Santa Fe-inspired living room with a fireplace and a ceiling fan, meticulously crafted by a talented home builder and designer.
An architecturally designed child's room featuring a shelf and a table.
A bathroom with a tub and a window, designed and constructed by a contractor.
A Santa Fe style bathroom designed by an architect with two sinks and a mirror.
A home designer envisioned a white tiled bathroom with a red door, giving it a touch of Santa Fe charm.
A sliding barn door in a room with a rug created by a home designer.
A architect-designed window in the kitchen.
A kitchen designed by an architect with a stove and shelves.
A kitchen with a stainless steel refrigerator designed by a home designer or home builder.
A glass door garage designed by a home designer.
A concrete patio with a wooden pergola designed by a Santa Fe architect.
A blue sky with white clouds, perfect for an architect's vision.
Two children standing outside of a Santa Fe home.
An architect-designed house in the desert with a wooden walkway.
Keywords: home builder, architect

Description: A wooden building designed and constructed by a skilled home builder or architect, featuring a prominent clock.
A wooden deck, designed by an architect, on the side of a Santa Fe house.
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