A green re-build of a 2000 sq. ft. commercial interior
Featured in Santa Fe Trend Magazine, Spring/Summer 2008
Designer: Heidi Britt, Palo Santo Designs, Mathey and Associates
Builder: Palo Santo Designs

Spandarama Yoga is one of the newest and most exciting Yoga Studios in Santa Fe. The space was originally a carpeted and cubicled office space with fluorescent lights and that classic foam panel drop ceiling. Needless to say, it lacked the qualities that owners Wendy Borger and Pamela Wolinski wanted for their new Yoga Studio. Demolition was extensive, leaving virtually nothing of the original space in tact other than the exterior walls and windows. New plumbing, new lighting and switching, new pine plank floors, special order recycled ceiling tiles that are antique tin replicas, and all new interior doors is just a brief overview of this total remodel. As you can see from the photographs, the special painting and elaborate interior decorating makes this space truly unique and most elegant. Special thanks to Satva Ananda for his incredible skills in faux painting and mural work. Outstanding.