LEED GoldThis custom built two story (2 bed/2 bath), award winning high performance home gained 4 prestigious awards in the 2012 Haciendas Parade of Homes. In only 1200 square feet, this ultra-efficient casita provides its owners with all the amenities they need with several custom crafted details uncommon to other homes built on a budget. The home features an award winning master bath, breathtaking views from the second story balcony, LED lighting, and state of the art green technology for heating (estimated annual heating costs are only $69 per year). The house uses all non-toxic and low VOC interior finishes, has Energy Recovery Ventilation with HEPA filtration and clay paints and plasters for optimum indoor air quality. It is designed for passive solar heating in the winter, and solar shading in the summer. It has high thermal mass interior walls made from native adobe brick, and is wrapped in an advanced thermal envelope with cellulose wall insulation and polyisocyanurate foam (an environmentally preferable product to typical foam insulation). The house uses solar thermal technology to heat the domestic hot water. The house won the “Grand Green Award” for homes under 2000sf in the parade of Homes, as well as best Energy Efficiency, Best Site Efficiency and Best bath.