LEED PlatinumPalo Santo Designs LLC in Collaboration with Vaught Frye Larson Architects is proud to showcase their latest award winning LEED Platinum (certification pending) Solar Home.

This home’s unique floor plan and contemporary design (the 3 pod design) integrates with the dynamic landscape of the Galisteo Basin Preserve and provides it owners with a near zero energy living space.  The home features a first of its kind grid tied thin film photovoltaic array which produces 100% of the electricity needs of the home from the sun.  It also heats 100% of its water and 85% of its space heating with solar thermal technology.  Wood stoves and passive solar design add to the energy efficient heating.  100% of the roof areas catch and store rainwater for landscape irrigation.  And local, recycled and otherwise environmentally preferable materials are used throughout the home.

The Home achieves numerous criteria under the LEED for Homes rating system, administered by the US Green Building Council.  The third party verification provided under LEED for Homes, assures exemplary building performance in terms of site stewardship, energy efficiency, water efficiency, material and resource efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and durability.  The certification qualifies this home for substantial home owner tax credits from the State of New Mexico ($9 per square foot for LEED Platinum homes).

The home was featured in the 2013 USGBC-NM Chapter Green Built Tour, and was granted the “Best Sustainable Landscape and Site” Award.  In the 2013, Haciendas-Parade of Homes, organized by the Santa Fe Area Home Builders’ Association,  the home won 4 prestigious awards, including “Best Craftsmanship”, Grand Green”, “Best Kitchen” and “Site and Resource Efficiency”!”