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Construction Manager

Job Description

At Palo Santo Designs LLC, the position of Construction Manager is inhabited by individuals who have the highest level of discipline in time management, organization, communications, and effective management of personnel. Palo Santo Designs’ Construction Managers are experienced licensed general contractors.  They are also proficient in the use of Microsoft Office (including Outlook for email and calendar, Word, Excel and Project).

Your role is as a front-line representative of the company working directly and intimately with our clients and preferred vendors.  Your value to this company will be measured in how efficiently and effectively you can work with our team to assure the following successful outcomes.



  1. Assure client satisfaction at a level that naturally leads to a great client referral.
  2. Complete construction below the construction budget outlined.
  3. Complete the project on or before the end of the construction timeline.
  4. Assure that all activities and outcomes meet the Palo Santo Standard of Quality and Performance.
  5. Managing more than one construction project simultaneously.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Overseeing all job site activities including work of sub-contractors, deliveries, and direct supervision of company employees in the field to assure code and other regulatory compliance, quality assurance, accuracy, and timeliness.
  2. Execution and recordation of all sub-contractor contracts and sub-contractor change orders, uploaded to company file server (Sharepoint or other)
  3. Working closely with the Chief of Operations, Selections Coordinator and Bookkeeper to assure Change Order Documentation, specifications and invoicing are accurate and timely.
  4. Informing the Chief of Operations and/or Selections Coordinator about procurement needs in advance. All purchasing and procurement will be executed by Chief of Operations and Selections Coordinator.
  5. Scheduling with all sub-contractors and vendors in order to meet key strategic goals of the company.
  6. Participate as directed in pre-construction activities including, validation of estimates, bidding, review and mark-up of construction documents.
  7. Providing leadership, guidance and strategic planning in all aspects of successful field operations.


You will be expected to represent the company in the highest professional capacity directly to our clients, our team members and the public at large.  Your personal attire and physical appearance should represent professionalism, cleanliness, safety and attention to detail.

You will often be expected to participate during client meetings in the office or in the field, and occasionally at pre-sales meetings.  You may also be expected at times to contribute during internal efforts with upper management to improve internal systems, work on other special marketing and sales initiatives, or produce project cost estimates.

Reports to:  Chief Operations Officer

In all your efforts, it is expected that you will represent the core company values of Honesty, Trust, Clarity, Respect, Excellence, and the Willingness to Continually Learn.

Interested Applicants should provide Cover Letter and Resume via email to info@palosantodesigns.com .  

No phone calls please.