Making the Most of Your Architecture & Custom Build with Integrated Design-Build Here in Santa Fe

Traditionally, to begin the process of building a custom home, one would hire an architect to complete the design, and then only after design was complete or nearly complete, begin to search for builders in Santa Fe.

We see that as an unfavorable approach. Why?

This traditional approach can lend itself to many of the all too common pitfalls:

  • Lack of information – no matter how talented the architect is there will be a lack of information available that only the builder brings to the table.  Unless your architect is also an experienced general contractor, the architect will not have first hand knowledge of current construction costs or the local labor environment.  This can lead to unrealistic expectations about costs and construction timelines.
  • Unrealistic expectations – a good architecture firm will provide a beautiful design. However, if building factors are not accounted for in the beginning then you can get your hopes up for something that may not be a reality when it comes time to build. Unrealistic expectations can crush a project.
  • Redesigns – When a builder is brought into the project later in the design process to produce a price for the project, often the budget expectations set out in the beginning cannot be met by your qualified builder.  Custom home projects that start solely with an architect often go through one or more rounds of redesign in order to re-align the newly discovered budget information that the builder has brought to the table with the financial goals of the project owner. Redesigns cause more strain on your budget and project delays.

Our integrated design-build approach to architecture brings everyone together early to assure cost information and realistic expectations are set on a track to efficiency and success.

client architect contractor relationship diagramHere at Palo Santo Designs, we are innovating the relationship between architect and builder in Santa Fe by bringing everyone together under one roof to serve you better.

What that means for you is this:

  1. Correct Expectations: we can set the correct expectations from day one with you. We can take your dreams and create realistic expectations for your project that remain throughout.
  2. Financially Attainable Project: we begin on the right foot with a design that is tailored to your budget goals as much as your dreams.  From there, we craft a plan that is realistic and truly attainable. You know what you’re getting without any major surprises during the build phase.
  3. Compliance: while it’s not glamorous and can often involve constraints on design, compliance is a major component of any new build and it’s often an issue. We chart a path of compliance with your local jurisdictions, including local building departments and neighborhood associations from the beginning so that your project doesn’t meet any unexpected road blocks. That means we assure everything complies with ordinances, jurisdictions, easements, utilities, and more.
  4. Land/Lot Real Estate Assistance: our Design-Build team also has realtors on staff who can help you in locating and purchasing the best lot for your new home. We can also advise you on many of the issues that affect budget and timeline, such as soils, topography, utilities and jurisdictional restrictions. That allows us to prevent redesigns and delays, getting you into your new home on time.
  5. Sustainability: we design and build high-performance homes because sustainability is our baseline, not an add-on. From the beginning of every project we plan for the use of sustainable materials and methods, including energy and water efficient features, solar, and other environmentally preferable building methods. We get this right from the start of the project so you can enjoy a high performance, sustainable home. It’s part of our DNA whether your interest is in deep green or low energy bills, we embed sustainability in our cost effective approach every time.

How Does Our Approach Make the Building Process Better and More Enjoyable for You?

Everything hinges on correct expectations from the onset. With the right expectations, we can guarantee an attainable project that is both on time and on budget, which makes you happy in the end.

Conversely, unrealistic expectations set without builders involved from the onset leads to misunderstandings, delays, and higher costs—almost always.

We bring everyone to the table in the beginning, and throughout, for the success of your project and your home.

We are excited to work with you and design something beautiful, and realistic, from the very beginning.

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