This 2800 square foot passive solar, high performance home was designed by Architect Alfred Von-Bachmayer. We are honored to construct this home in Alfred’s memory, as he unexpectedly passed away just as the home construction commenced. Alfred was a pioneer in in the design and development of countless projects the desert south west in the name of conservation and sustainability. The team at Palo Santo Designs worked intimately with Alfred and the Andersen’s in a collaborative effort to value engineer and make this home’s construction possible.

The home is registered under the State of New Mexico’s ‘Build Green New Mexico’, (BGNM) certification process for its exemplary performance in green building techniques.

‘Certification Pending.’

This uniquely built home demonstrates the following building techniques:

  • Advanced Framing or Optimum Valued Engineering (OVE) for minimizing the amount of framing members to achieve a tighter thermal envelope with increased wall insulation.
  • High Performance Building envelope- Above code required wall and ceiling insulation
  • Thermal bypass inspection
  • Air sealing application- minimizing air infiltration in the thermal envelope
  • Increased in-door air quality through an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) which exchanges indoor air with fresh air through a HEPA filter. Filtering in-door and out-door pollutants.
  • Radon Protection
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures and low flow toilets
  • Grey water reuse for landscape irrigation
  • Site containment during construction to minimize harmful impacts to native landscape
  • Low VOC finishes
  • Energy efficient windows and doors
  • Led lighting fixtures